YahooAdam “Pacman” Jones’ recent appearance at the 2012 Rookie Symposium was no doubt a stark object lesson to all NFL prospects about the simple fact that no matter how much you’ve got in life, it can all go away pretty quickly if you’re not careful. Jones, the former first-round pick of the Tennessee Titans, was recently  ruled to owe $11 million for the victim of a 2007 shooting at a strip club in Las Vegas. Jones was put on the hook for his involvement in the incident, which left one man paralyzed from the waist down. Former Stanford and current Indianapolis Colts rookie tight end Coby Fleenerguest-writing for Peter King in King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column for, broke the news. Fleener was in the audience, watching the panel of Jones and Terrell Owens, moderated by Ross Tucker. The entire Fleener column is a great read, but what Fleener had to say about Jones’ talk really stood out. ”Jones contacted the NFL and asked to be at the symposium to share what he had learned with the rookies,” Fleener wrote. “Jones said there will not be another “Pacman” in the NFL, and credited [NFL Commissioner Roger] Goodell for having changed him as a person. Jones understood that he put himself in a position to be suspended. Jones regretfully recounted spending $1 million in one weekend! ”To which Owens looked at him, smiling, and said, ‘Man, you crazy!’” And when Terrell Owens calls you “crazy,” you know there’s probably something to it. We’re not sure, based on Fleener’s report, just what Jones spent all that money on so quickly. Based on his history, there are some pretty easy guesses.

This didn’t even slightly faze me. I just kinda looked at it like, “Yea that sounds about right.” You gotta remember this ain’t just one man we’re talkin about. When you gotta by blow, hookers and bottles for you and an entourage of like 20 dudes, $1 million ain’t as crazy as you think. You’re really only spending like 50 grand per dude over the course of three days. Thats like nothin for a dude like Pacman. I feel like a standard night out with him is like everyone gets a garbage bag full of $50,000 in cash and everyone spends it as they please. You could make it rain with that entire bag in one evening at the strip club and then you’re done till Monday. The more responsible entourage members ration out their Pacman allowance. 3 bottles of champagne, 5 or 6 eight balls, and 2 hookers per evening, Friday to Sunday.

I don’t even know how I could spend a million in one weekend. Like I’m saying if I stuck to the normal places I go and the normal things I usually do, there’s no way I could spend a million bucks. I could buy out the bar at Rathbones and Mad River every night for 3 days and I’d probably have like $960,000 left over. How much could I possibly spend at Flashdancers? I could probably pay for sex with each and every stripper, buy everyone in the place unlimited sushi for life, and I’d still have zillions left over.

Maybe I’d just go to Parker House on a Friday in the summer and order 1 million beers. Boom. Done.