You know in Seinfeld when Jerry says breaking up is like knocking over a Coke machine? You can’t do it in one push, you gotta rock it back and forth a few times and then it goes over. Thats what I think about the 2012 Mets.

Success is trying to break up with the 2012 Mets. She tried to break up with us in the offseason with one big push when we were trotting out a bunch of home grown nobodies but RA Dickey and Kirk Neimanmarcus and the rest of the gang scrapped and held on tight. The relationship between Success and the Mets lasted a few months longer than anyone could have expected. But then she tried to break up again when the Yankees swept us. We bounced back with a sweep of the Rays. Tried again when the Reds swept us, but we salvaged the relationship again with a sweep of the O’s.

That right there is the back and forth wobbling of the Coke machine. And now fresh out of the All Star Break the Mets get swept by the Braves, lose a back breaking, soul crushing extra innings game to the Nats, and the losing streak sits at 5. The Coke machine is on the verge of finally falling over, folks. A sweep here from the Nationals and we may be in Cuncel territory.

Of course, the Double Wild Card may keep them in it. And obviously by no means would they be mathematically eliminated. But its more about how much can this team take. How much can this team power through? They defied the odds and shocked the world and every time they’ve needed a big bounce back series to stay in contention, they’ve done it. But keep playing with fire and you’re gonna get burnt. Depending on the next couple games with Washington this week, then LA and then Washington again, the Mets could be in flames by August.

PS – Fuck Jason Bay. Quick little story here my buddy told me on the beach this weekend – When his father was a young man he used to go to Djais happy hour all the time at the Jersey Shore. One day his buddy was coming to meet everyone at the bar and my buddy’s father told everyone to toss their beers on him when he showed up. Rallied a whole crew of people to crush him. Dude walks in the door and gets annihilated and the bouncer kicks him out. Guy turns to the bouncer like, what the fuck I didn’t even do anything how can I be the one that gets kicked out? Bouncer tells him “Everything was fine until you showed up.” Thats how I feel about Jason Bay. Just stay the fuck away dude. This team is perfectly fine without you and trouble comes around every time you return to the lineup.