We’re at Defcon 1 folks! The Jets wildcat package is strictly need to know basis. Its a matter of National Security. Its a Two-Man Rule at this point. The only way any media members are allowed to report what they saw with Tebow and the Wildcat is if Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum compare authorization codes and turn their keys simultaneously.

Give me a goddam break. This is so fucking dramatic its unbelievable. First things first, lets just clarify that nothing that Sparano, Rex and the Jets are scheming with the Wildcat is going to surprise anyone. Best case scenario you maybe sneak out 1 win because of some Wildcat confusion and then the rest of the league looks at the tape and figures it out. So this sensitivity of the situation bullshit is stupid. Secondly, if the media is unable to report anything they see, then the practice should truly be a closed practice. Why even have them there? All it does is stir up these ridiculous reports which are non-reports because they “aren’t permitted” to say anything. Now you got all these reporters like Sal Palantonio, whos been reporting from the same exact fucking spot in SUNY Cortland for like 15 days now, acting like they’re in some special club with insider knowledge that they aren’t allowed to share with mere commoners.

Now the Jets and the rest of the media just look like a joke. Acting like they are hatching some super sneaky top secret schemes that literally NOBODY in the rest of the NFL gives a fuck about. Its like they have gone to such extremes to keep everything a secret when, in reality, if the details of the Jets wildcat package were disclosed I don’t even think half the teams in the league would even care. I know the Jets M.O. has been to garner back pages and media attention – and I know the media’s job is to sensationalize everything -but the Jets getting reporters to talk about them by saying they aren’t allowed to talk about them is a new low for everyone involved.