This pretty much sums up the past 10 days for me. Watching all sorts of bizarre sports I have absolutely zero interest in pretending I’m some sort of expert. Literally every single gymnastics event I’m absolutely wrong about the performance. Every time I’m gasping the announcer is like “absolutely perfect” and every time I’m like “WOW” he usually drops a “catastrophic” or “disaster” in his broadcast. Did you see the sprint cycling shit inside the Terrordome yesterday? What the fuck was going on there? Those guys mozied around the track going like 1 mile per hour for the first 2 laps and then started sprinting once a bell rang. Had no fucking clue what was going on. Diving looks exactly the same every single time. I thought volleyball was first to 11. Next thing I know the guys are up like 24-18 or some shit. Aside from running and swimming I have absolutely no idea whats going on.

And thats when I usually just wait for the camera man to pan to the crowd and find some hot chick or some ugly foreigner to keep me entertained and give me something to tweet about. Its Olympic Fever baby! Get involved! I’m pretty sure there’s more fucking gymnastics on tonight!