CBSSportsThere’s no greater nation in the world in Olympic archery than South Korea, but they won’t contend for a team archery gold medal after the U.S., led by world No. 1 archer Brady Ellison, upset the Koreans in the semifinals and will face either Mexico or Italy for the Olympic crown. The team of Ellison, Jake Kaminski, and Jacob Wukie trailed 55-53 after the first “end” but led the top-seeded Koreans 165-164 after the third and pulled away with an incredible 59 in the fourth and final end — only point shy of a perfect 60 — to win 224-219.

Ain’t so bad! Ain’t so bad!

Hey Blindo I guess that Dong ain’t that hung now, huh? The lesson to be learned here is that if you come at America, you best have full eyesight. Go join the Paraolympics and play pin the tail on the donkey, Dong.

Can’t nobody shoot arrows like us. And you wanna know why? Because every male ages 18-34 right now in the United States of America grew up with the Nerf Bow and Arrow.

Got a motherfuckin nation of Robin Hood’s up in this bitch. Gold medal here we fuckin come! Rock, Flag, and Eagle!