Square nerd Harvard kids:


Dapper Fordham Studs

I was gonna bet Zollo last night. I was gonna say if the Rams beat #22 Harvard that he had to quit Barstool and get out of my life forever. There’s nothing more that I would like to do than ruin Tom Zollo and make sure I never have to see his stupid face ever again. On the flipside, if Fordham lost, I would promise to not beat him up at the Roseland NYC Blackout. Anyway, I never ended up making the bet. But in a way thats still kind of a win for me because I get to beat him up at the Blackout. Right when the beat drops and he gets all excited to push his light buttons and make the lasers shine, I’m gonna punch him right in the neck.

Hey Zollo stick to crossword puzzles and math theorems you nerd. Leave sports to the real powerhouses like Fordham.