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Its time for KFC Radio to take the next step. Take it to the next level. The appeal of Barstool is that we’ve got hilarious people in cities all over the country so its time that the podcast/radio show/video blog known as KFC Radio brings that to you. Right now, Google Hangouts are the only way we can pull that off – so last night me, Feits and the Puerto Rican Puff Daddy did some futuristic internet shit and recorded the voicemails. From Brooklyn to the Donut Shop of Love to Barstool Headquarters up in Massachusetts. The Google Hangouts aren’t as perfect as they advertise them to be, but they get the job done. There’s gonna be some kinks to work out along the lines of feedback, delays, lighting, volume and shit like that. But this was our first and only try at it so far. Only gonna get better. You know its funny, I always bash news reporters on satellite feeds who can’t figure out there is a delay, but actually doing it and trying to talk normal is harder than you think.

This episode we discuss who would win in a Barstool Blogger Battle Royale and Feitelberg discusses his hatred of magicians and recounts the time Zollo caught him masturbating on the Blackout Tour. I also think Feitelberg may have come out of the closet during this episode.

Next week we’re gonna dial in Big Cat from Chicago. So it will be a little three way, Barstool menage. Lets get the voicemails going again. You can call the Barstool Hotline and leave voicemails for me, Feitelberg, Big Cat. Whoever. Anything and everything goes. Call 646-80-STOOL. Thats 646-807-8665. The hope is to eventually do these live with bloggers all across the network. Maybe during a big game or the next nationally televised event you can tune into a Barstool Hangout and watch along with us and shit like that. This is only the beginning. Help us launch it by leaving good voicemails or tweeting us with good material @KFCBarstool @JFeitelberg. And for all things KFC Radio related, follow the newest account @KFCRadio